In Bali 2017, during the celebration of the 28th AISG-ISGF World Conference of Adult Scouts and Guides, Spain assumed the responsibility of organizing the next world conference.

From that moment, different teams began to work on its preparation, but the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 world pandemic forced to postpone and finally suspend the celebration of this event in Madrid.

The 29th AISG-ISGF World Conference of Adult Scouts and Guides was finally held online, and our country was offered the possibility of organizing the next face to face event.

Many more events have been swirling in our lives since then. Situations that not only affect the organization of this activity, but also have an impact on the setting of our goals and our roadmap.

In an ever-changing world we ask ourselves: What can we contribute from ISGF-AISG to “leave it a little better? The acceleration of climate change, the war in Ukraine in the heart of Europe, the economic and social crisis that we are experiencing, …

That is why we have chosen the word “Commitment” as the motto for our future 30th Conference. With this motto we want to include in a single word all our feelings, uncertainties, and desires that everything changes for the better: the desire to be active as adult scouts and guides, the purpose of not falling into indifference, the predisposition to contribute the best of each one, the moderately optimistic vision of things, the planning of joint actions in search of the common good.

The place chosen to discuss, reflect and share plans is the city of Granada, in the month of September 2024.

This city, located in the southern region of Andalusia on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains, is famous for its great exponents of medieval architecture and hosts Spain’s most visited monument, the Alhambra. It is an extensive Arab fortress located on a hill inside the city, in which there are royal palaces, courtyards, gardens, fountains and orchards of the Nasrid royal dynasty.

Many are the attractions of this city, as it is in the tropical coast, half an hour drive and the highest peak of the Iberian Peninsula, at the same distance: In just an hour you can be skiing in the mountains and then taking a swim in the sea. Granada is not only beautiful, but also a fun city, with a great cultural life and very welcoming inhabitants.

Our Host Committee is already working to ensure that participation in this event is massive, with affordable prices and a very attractive program of activities that will allow us to live and work together having fun, savoring the value of FRIENDSHIP, and shaping our common concept of COMMITMENT.